Friday, August 27, 2010

Knig's Beck Poem

Knig's Poem

The Legend of Bagger Beck 

T'was the night before Beckmas 
And all through the den 
Not a creature was shifting money offshore 
Not even The Glenn.
the crosses were burnt on the lawns with care 
in hopes that saint becky
soon would be there 
the baggers were all snug in their beds
while visions of gold danced in their heads 
with ma in her uniform and me in my hood 
we hoped that we'd get em, get em all good 
when out on the mall there arose such a clatter 
i sprang from my bible to see what was the matter 
i tore up the constiution and looked for an answer 
out on the drive way was a black panther 
i sheek and i cried dear god they are here and
all i could do was become wet with fear 
the brothers they said to me right there and then 
dont hate us for being one of them
we dont come to hurt you or make you afraid 
we doe look for white women just to get laid
we come to show you that were people too 
and your not in charge nor us of you 
so I blamed obama and called the man 
and said i need help round up the klan 
but the panthers they chuckeled and shouted with glee
why your just a bagger and no threat to me 
so they got in their cars and drove away 
go eff yourself brother, respect MLK

URGENT UPDATE: Read one of Knig's latest poems here

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