Sunday, July 18, 2010


Obama Auto-Slammings To Continue

The Whitehouse is gently floating rumors that Obama has slammed himself for his lack of action on slamming himself before.

A source who knows the President's opinions on the President's opinions has categorically said, on the record but off the radar, that in the President's opinion he needs a good auto-slamming. Our anonymous source wanted it to be clear that their opinion of the President's opinion of the President's opinion was a matter of "a girlscout's honor and therefore also true too, yep you betcha, uh-huh."

Obama's decision to slam himself now and not sooner has raised eyebrows in the Smilingtonpost's extensive Anonymous Source Network (ASN).

One anonymous source with a very raised eyebrow indeed said, "Obama's slamming of himself now is happening too late. Like so many other things Obama's done, it lacks that certain deciderness we're all looking for in a president. He should have slammed himself on January 20th, 2001 when Bush took office."

Other unnamed sources have confirmed suspicions that earlier rumors about previous gossip was true. So we can expect Obama to slam Obama on Obama's position on everything, for some time.
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