Friday, July 16, 2010

The Republicans Are Fucking Stupid: A Status Report Part (II)

Funding Teabaggers 
Everybody knows that the GOP have a personal stake in courting the batshit crazies.

Yet they have a lot of registered voters who are somehow also every day members of society.

So before looking at GOP stupidity in further detail, let's meet a few GOPers and try to learn from them how it is that they can look at the GOP and say, yes, I think voting GOP is fun and it might be suicidal but that's how I roll.

Meet Kellie C. She visited the Republican Faces web and liked it so much she uploaded a pic and an answer to the question of why she's a Republican.

She writes incoherently about issues close to her own heart... God,  guns, Republicans and common sense and all of that in a pretty short reply.

The Republican Faces web is a sad tribute to the long term effects of right wing jingoism.

There's a whole lot of small government means freedom stuff as you'd expect.

The thing which most struck me was how many of these people seem to really believe that Republicans share their own values. Values was a strongly repeated signal.

Now I know that these are the people preselected for the GOP website. So people are careful to write things they think are wanted for the website and the GOP are careful to select the faces and replies they most want to see representing them.

But at the same time, they are presumably real people and presumably they really wrote this stuff.

So why did you become a member of the GOP, Heather T.?

Sure. We all know how good the GOP are to public school teachers.

What a load of Title I bullshit.

If this woman (B/W photo) is teaching your kids, she's teaching them how to reply to a reasonable question with a completely empty response.

Ok. Insulting people from a website who cannot answer back is fun in a Perez Hilton kind of way but it's not an answer to the question, why does anyone, even insane people, why do any people at all vote for Republicans? 

It's odd that it doesn't answer the question. That's the very question they were responding to. This is why I bring it up in the blog before raising questions about the baggers.

So why do people vote Republicans into office? Here's my theory.

What's most strange to me is that the baggers should be so openly supported by the right wing.

After all, the larger the tea party became, the more they started to push back on the GOP as an actual social force looking for some kind of political voice.

Since they were a right wing invention, since they came to have a large right wing population, and since the GOP were less popular than ever before, that was the obvious time to aid and abet in the creation of a political opposition???

The gain was likely to be seen as haranguing the President through a kind of surrogate movement.

By encouraging that, feeding it, the GOP went on to create a kind of bad national joke which, even more weirdly, took time, energy, donor money and further divided an already divided house.

The GOP has had a very tough time since Obama came into the Whitehouse. He's signed a breathtaking number of reforms into law. The GOP have had to fight a lot of reforms, calling on a lot of donors.

In Feb, 2010 the GOP were already rumored to be in financial trouble.

After all, they even by then they had aleady spent vast sums of money fighting anything and everything.

That trend has continued as more and more reforms pass under the President's nose and become law.

You add to that the division over the Chairman. Steele is hard to remove. He's not willing to go, not competent to stay and he's the guy holding the purse strings of the party. They don't even like him.

So the GOP, limping into an election year facing more and more reforms, going mad spending, decided to create a surrogate which would cost them money and possibly even voters.

These GOP clowns are the economic conservatives?

That is all the proof anyone could ever need that America still has a rich vein of stupid to offer the world. We've not exactly cornered the market in stupid, but we've sure got huge stockpiles.

We are definitely capable of being a stuporpower, like in the old Bush years. I'd rather not go back to the dark times, but sometimes it seems like we're still walking on that edge.

But then when I look at the baggers I think, nope. We went over that edge a while back.

The Tea Party, one of the weirdest inventions in US political history and destined to be laughed about for decades to come.

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